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Online shopping and online bill pay are increasingly becoming commonplace in the digital world. As more businesses move online, credit card transactions are becoming common as well. As more credit cards are used online, cybercriminals may take advantage of confidential information to defraud the user's accounts.

Technological advancements in the past few years have seen an increase in the number of businesses
opening up online storefronts. As more businesses moved online, it became vital for most banks to come up with e-banking services. However, the increase in online transactions and credit card use online has led to a rise in cyber crimes targeting bank accounts. Such crimes have led to losses in millions for many account holders whose credit card information has been compromised.
While many online merchants have put up measures to secure their websites and customer information, it is still possible for some criminals to access private data To protect from these breaches, virtual cards have been introduced. These cards play the role of credit cards and are untraceable to the actual credit card number and bank account. When properly used, virtual credit cards will improve the security of online transactions.

Online bill pay is a banking method that allows you to access your bank account online and make one-time as well as recurring payments. Most of the banks offer an online banking option for their customers free of charge. Using the online bill pay method offers a cheap, timesaving and convenient way to settle your bills and manage your bank account. The online bill pay is an effective time and money saving tool, not to mention a secure way to clear your bills promptly.

If in the past, you have been a victim of online identity theft or your credit information stolen and used, than you understand the importance of securing your online transactions. Sometimes, you may not want to disclose credit information to websites you do not feel safe with or one that appears to be untrustworthy. Than using a virtual credit card may be helpful.

What is a virtual card?

Credit cards are however a target for many cyber criminals. To safeguard online credit card transactions, virtual credit cards were invented. A virtual credit card is a distinctive credit card number issued for every transaction a credit card user makes. Virtual credit cards are a safe and foolproof way of shopping and online pay bill. The virtual credit card is linked with your credit card although the number cannot be traced back to the original credit card. The customer uses the number to make their online purchases or bill payments.

There are a couple of factors that ensure the effectiveness and usefulness of the virtual credit card, and these include,The minimum and maximum credit limit for every transaction on a day. When setting up the account,theaccount holder sets the maximum and minimum amount; they can transact from their account on a given day. Users are free to set maximum and minimum limits they expect to transact with a particular vendor This way, fraudulent parties cannot access their money, and if they do, the margin of loss will often be minimal.The user specifies the specific time within which the virtual credit card will be valid. This way, the user hasaccess to the virtual card only when they need it By establishing an expiry date, say after one month, the virtual card becomes obsolete. Usually, a virtual credit card is valid for a maximum of 12 months.One virtual card performs only one transaction. Once you use the number, it cannot be used again;therefore, even if a criminal had access to the information, they cannot use it. Credit balance from the virtual credit card is refunded to the original user account Only primary cardholders are eligible for virtual credit cards. Secondary cardholders are not allowed totransact with the virtual cards.Virtual credit cards cannot be cloned, thus very safe. Since virtual credit cards are basically numbers, it isimpossible for cybercriminals to recreate the card as they would a physical card.

To open a virtual visa or MasterCard account, you require signing up through an online virtual credit card service. Various credit card companies issue virtual credit cards. Swiftpaycard is one such method.


Swiftpaycard is a UK-based company established in 2003 by kw's Systems. Swiftpaycard is one of the first electronic payment methods established in Europe.Swiftpaycard is a suitable online wallet for individuals as well as businesses that wish to manage to spend, send funds abroad, or to make online payments Swiftpaycard is an efficient online payment service that allows instant money transfers between consumers and merchants. Transactions carried out through the Swiftpaycard virtual credit card service are fast, instant and very safe.

Swiftpaycard is a prepaid virtual visa card that is generated electronically once you register for Swiftpaycard. The card is useful anywhere that accepts your visa card. Swiftpaycard is acceptable globally in more than 120 countries. Swiftpaycard accepts various currencies including the euro, the US dollar, and the British pound; therefore, you can easily withdraw local currencies.

To register for the account, go to the Swiftpaycard website. After clicking the "register button, you will receive a registration form with instructions. Registration for the account is free. During registration, you will be required to provide your name, email address, data of birth and your country. You also need to create a username and a secure password to protect your account. After registration and funding of your card, your virtual card will be issued and displayed on the screen. Details on the card include the card holder's name, the card number, a three-digit security number and the expiry data for the card.

The process of creating an Swiftpaycard account is easy and simple and will take you just a few minutes. After you create the account you need to wait for up to a few business days for your account to be approved. Once approved, you can transfer funds into the account through depositing from a debit or credit account or through direct bank transfer.Since the Swiftpaycard virtual card is prepaid, there are no additional fees attached to the account. The amount you deposit into the virtual prepaid card is available for use when you need it. Swiftpaycard only charges a 1%
deposit fee. Creating the account and making online payments are free.

One advantage of using the virtual visa is the flexibility of access to the account from any device. The account is accessible on mobile and PC devices. You can, therefore, manage your account from any place using your username and password. After using your account, you can easily delete it with a simple click. Swiftpaycard lets you create as many virtual credit cards as you require as long as your account is still active. With one account, you can have a maximum of ten active credit cards at one time.If you are worried about the privacy and security of your account Swiftpaycard, is secure. It has password protection for all accounts and uses some of the best firewalls as well as virus detecting system. The website is also built with 128-bit encryption. Therefore, your credit card details are as secure as they can be.

How do virtual credit cards work?
Virtual credit cards are means of paying for online purchases and bills without disclosing your credit card information. Once you have a virtual credit card number, you give this to the merchant in place of the actual credit card number. The money you had deposited into the virtual card pays for your purchases.

To use a virtual credit card, you have to install specific software. The software electronically generates virtual card numbers that you use for online bill pay.With the Swiftpaycard virtual card, sending money to supported countries only requires the receivers name and
their email address.

Benefits of using a virtual prepaid card

The significant benefit of using a virtual prepaid is the flexibility they offer in access and management of your finances. Having a virtual visa or MasterCard gives you the chance to manage your accounts anywhere at any time with just a click of a few buttons.

Prepaid virtual cards are an effective way of controlling costs and budgeting. During the account set up, you set the limits of how much you can transact and the frequency of using your credit card in a day. This way, you can control your spending and avoid debt.Prepaid virtual cards offer a cheaper alternative for sending money abroad. Unlike bank transfers, the cost for sending money is considerably lower.The application process for a card is fast. Since virtual credit cards do not require to check your credit, the process for applying for a virtual prepaid card becomes fast and very efficient. Besides, the approval takes only a few working days.

Virtual cards for online shopping

Most online shopping merchants require online payments before they can make dispatches of the purchased goods. Paying via credit card is often the most preferred method. However, the risk of disclosing important credit information could lead to very huge losses for you. To eliminate this risk, it is advisable to use virtual credit cards. These cards offer flexibility to transact across various websites and using different currencies. Virtual cards from Swiftpaycard are accepted in many countries across the globe.Once you set up a virtual credit card account, you can use the account to create as many virtual credit cards as you require any time you require to make online payments for online shopping.

Virtual cards for online bill pay

Online bill pay is an efficient and convenient method for paying your online bills promptly. In online bill pay, you set up an account that makes single or recurring monthly payment. These online accounts are free and suitable for people who pay two to three bills per month. However, if you require managing more bills, a paid online bill pay service is advisable.Virtual cards are increasingly being set up to pay recurring online bills. It is possible to set up different virtual cards for different merchants, assigning each a minimum and m.imum transaction limit. Making payments to these merchants becomes an easy job afterward. With virtual credit cards, you can set up monthly payments for twelve months using the same credit card number. In this case, set up a maximum credit limit that will be enough to cover all the costs for the entire period you select.

Advantages of using virtual credit cards

1. Convenience

Using virtual credit cards means that you can easily access your bill payment history online, this way, you can easily tell which bills have been paid and those that are yet to be paid. For recurring bills, you can easily set up a payment schedule. Once a schedule is set up, you are at no risk of forgetting to pay some bills. With virtual cards for online pay bill, you do not have to keep up with money orders or require stamps and checks to make payments.

Sending bills via check consumes a lot of time compared to online transactions. With an online transaction, the response is prompt as you receive acknowledgment for payment within a short period.

3. Accountability

Online payments provide a better means of accountability as you receive the record of all your online transactions. It is easier to track where the certain money goes and to monitor your financial habits.


1. Account management

To make online bill pay transactions, your physical checking account or credit card has to have enough money to cover your bills. When your account balance is insufficient to make your online payments, than it becomes impossible to make payments. The prepaid credit card requires sufficient money to pay for shopping or to make bill payments.

2. Constant organization
Without proper organization, it becomes impossible to make online payments on time. Disorganization in your online bill payment system will also result in mixed up bill payments.

4. There is still a risk of fraud

Despite all the precautions to safeguard your credit card information, failure to monitor your account regularly put your personal information at risk of being accessed by fraudsters.
Virtual visa and MasterCard are a recent invention that will be taking the e-commerce world by a storm. By introducing private and secure payment options, virtual credit cards are changing the way financial organizations run their businesses. Using virtual credit cards when shopping or making online payments add to your credit card security by creating yet another layer of security between you and cyber fraudsters.